Open the Body and Release the Mind

Is your mind constantly filled with Chatter? Always thinking about whats next on your to do list, or where your off too next? Jumping from thought to thought??

We all do, its become our way of life.

In Yoga we call this CHITTA VRITTI, which translates to “mind chatter” or “Monkey Mind”. Honestly love the concept of it translating to “Monkey Mind”, feel it really represents the craziness often swinging around in my head.

So what with Chitta Vritti, we all have it going on and its just life right? We all have things to do, people to care about and jobs to keep. If we just let all our thoughts go and pay no attention to what needs to be done…well who knows what would happen??

Yes it is part of life, a busy stressful life. A life full of worry, concern and frustration leaving you tired and emotionally drained day in day out.

What if life was full of joyful thoughts, appreciating everything around you and everyone your in contact with? What if you where able to take challenges in your stride, with a smile on your face? Maybe you woke each day feeling well rested and energised to take on another day?

Life can be this way.

Stopping the Monkey in your Mind?

Being completely present and removing any attachment to the thoughts going on is one of the biggest challenges we face. So how do we stop the Monkey in our minds? What does it take to cut the ties to our thoughts and surrender to the present moment?

Is it meditation, sitting in silence until our mind becomes empty? Yes this is one way, if you have the patience and time to sit without distraction.

A more effective way for most of us is through movement that opens up the body. Movement such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Running or event weight training. Tai Chi and Yoga have a more lasting effect on the mind than weight training or running, if they work for you “go for it”.

In simple terms moving allows you to be completely focused on the moment your in and forget about what else is going on. This is why for some, active exercise like running and weight training can be so effective. You are so focused on each action you take that you soon forget about the day thats been or the evening ahead and are in that very moment.

Why does Yoga, or Tai Chi, work better??

Let’s go back to the ancient Yogi’s that would often spend days, weeks or months in meditation. Whilst able to find a higher level of consciousness they were challenged with day to day functions. Therefore they create Asana’s as part of the Yogic life to maintain the physical ability to function whilst remaining in a meditative state. Creating “Meditation in Motion”.

Tai Chi is often referred too as much the same, “Meditation in Motion”. This ancient martial art technique is well known for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress.

Both Tai Chi and Yoga focus on the connection between Breathe and Movement to increase the flow of energies about the body. As mentioned in last months blog…

For many of us in the western world these practices include movements that are, at first, new and unique. They therefore take more concentration or will power to stay in, which in turn removes all other thoughts about life and quietens the Monkey in your mind.

One thing about Yoga, as you may have noticed, is that there is always a new way to move, a new muscle to active, another modification to take you deeper into the pose. This continual growth of your practice is part of the magic within Yoga that enables our us to constantly remove the Monkey from our mind.

Pay attention to the Monkey and see what happens…

Next time your in class or exercising, take note of your Monkey is up to your mind. Notice what Chitta Virtti is saying. Then make a conscious effort to focus on each and every pose, movement and breathe. Pay attention to the physical body, then observe what your Monkey gets up to…try it and let us know what happens, we love to hear how this works for you.