We Are All Awesome, Find your Awesomeness and live it today!!

How awesome is Life? Really, take a look around and see the awesomeness all around!! Take a look at yourself and see the AWESOMENESS within you for a moment!!

We all have traits, skills and abilities within us that make us TRULY Awesome human beings. You are no different, make sure no-one tells you otherwise either!!

Of late life around has been, what some may call, challenging and full of change. Change is scary, daunting and at time brings masses of self doubt. Its at these time we need to remind ourselves of how AWESOME we really are.

In these times of self doubt and questioning ourselves its Damn hard to remind ourselves how AWESOME we really are. So here are a few tips that have been picked up along the way to staying AWESOME, and a few links to some AWESOME clips about being AWESOME!!

Move in a way that makes YOU Happy.

Now of course for many reading this YOGA is totally going to be up there ;), make sure you do it often. Anything that makes you happy, walking your dog, going to the gym or dancing naked in the living room. JUST DO IT!

Moving increases the heart rate, blood flow and endorphins which generate positive energies. The more you move in this fashion the more positive energies you will build up and the more light you will shine on your life. This also takes you from the challenge or change that is affecting you and gives you a simply moment of being truly YOU.

This #kidpresident has the concept nailed, just dance more…watch, smile and move!!

Do what your good at and accept that some things are best left for others!

Have noted that it times of challenge we tend to try and do everything ourselves, often because we feel its easier to just do it ourself. By doing everything we may get caught up doing things that we may less effective and efficient at. This can lead to increased self doubt and added stress, hence feeling a less AWESOME.

So take a moment to remind your self of what you are good at, of what you love to do and do those things. Someone else will love doing the things your less fond of, let them spend more time being AWESOME too.

Accept yourself for where you are and what you are capable of, certainly strive to be better and continue to learn and grow. Keep growing in the direction your heart guides you!!

Other people’s comments are more about them!!

There is a saying “We see in other what is within ourselves”. This simply highlights that what other people bring up about you is more about them. Taking this personally has the ability to feed the self doubt and have us question our abilities, especially when people are being critical.

So remember when seeking advise in a challenging time or whilst amongst change, take it like a grain of salt. Look for the good positive message in it and let the rest go, no one you confide in will intentionally aim to offend or insult you as they are only trying to help. Hec maybe ask yourself “What is it I value you in (person X)?” every chance that which you see in them is within you!!

Gratitude, Gratitude and More Gratitude!!!

Gratitude is a powerful value to hold and gratitude for yourself is one of the most powerful tools for opening up to your AWESOMENESS. Taking time daily to look in the mirror and reflect upon what you grateful for in your live, what skills and talents your have or the beauty within you allows you to see the AWESOMENESS inside.

You may argue “somedays I just feel off” or “life is just shit right now”, well here is another Challenge for you…FIND SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR… anything, just stay there until you can come up with one thing you can be grateful for. Do this daily and then notice the shift in your awareness and the world around you.

If your still stuck…check this clip out from one AWESOME Poet Sekou Andrews…. THE AWESOME ANTHEM.


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