A fine example of a Man.

My partner, the true hero in our pregnancy journey.

 My experience with pregnancy has been a combination of emotions. Our pregnancy was planned, so originally the emotions were excitement and joy. That was until the surge of hormones flooded every inch of my body, the morning sickness continued every minute of the day, I was hungry every other minute, I felt thick around the middle and felt like I was developing back fat fast. I was irritable, uncomfortable, hungry, moody, short tempered, emotional, hungry, snappy, bloated, hungry, impatient, hungry, constipated, introverted and did I mention HUNGRY.

Watching my partner Dane hold space for me as I felt my way through these past months has been a truly magical and proud moment that I will forever cherish and hold close to my heart.

Dane is the type of man any parent would be proud to call theirs. Raised by a gentle laid-back man and a strong, determined women, Dane possesses qualities of both his Mother and Father. His character is admirable by many. A fine example of a man.

During the last couple of months I have seen the look in Danes eyes change. It’s been truly magical to watch him and the way he looks at me. Like I’m the perfect creation. Like I glow and radiate nurturing motherly energy. Such sincere deep looks of pure joy and unconditional love, and although I have felt at my worst, these sincere looks of absolute pure love have often brought me to tears.

Dane has stepped into this role with ease. He has managed to maintain a perfect balance of holding me close enough yet giving me enough space. Listening without trying to solve the problem. He has let all of my snappy, unnecessary and at times uncalled for comments go, judgment free, understanding and knowing that I am truly doing my very best at what is a new and overwhelming role.

Dane has recognised that although he to is experiencing a range of new emotions, feelings and experiences, that I have needed him more than he has needed himself. This has helped me feel, supported, safe, secure and confident that Dane can handle any situations with patience and ease.

The role of a women during pregnancy is certainly one to be respected and recognised. The role of her partner is one I feel at times is not given the recognition it deserves.

Thank you Dane for being you. You truly are amazing. Thank you for the unconditional support you have shown our baby and me. There isn’t anything you have done that has gone unnoticed.

You are a fantastic partner and you are going to be the most adoring Father. I am honored you choose me and I am proud to have chosen you.

Love forever baby and me xxx


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