Big Yoga

On 27th of February Wolf Pack Big Picture advisory went to Clear Water Yoga at Dora Creek, Lake Macquarie. We were met by our yoga instructor Dane Sullivan who introduced us to the world of Yoga!
Dane first started yoga because of a back issue which he relieved by taking a 20-minute shower daily, however he soon discovered yoga was the cure to not only back pain but to his completely wellbeing.
Dane took us through a series of yoga poses which included; Tree pose, slo-mo burpees, Warrior poses, Dragon lunge, Eagle and we lied on our backs for a spinal twist.
Even though the poses were relatively simple some of our advisory found them challenging and even rather exhausting. Soon we were all hot and sweaty and ready for the resting pose ‘Savasana’.
During Savasana Dane played a relaxing piece of music called ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, which not only helped us relax but helped us connect with our inner self…DEEP!
Emalee Bird in Wolf Pack advisory said “I learnt that I love yoga and that it is very relaxing and helps relieve your emotions”.
Jack Sharp also said “It was very painful and hurt a Lot but I did feel heaps better. The instructor was great; however he did make us do the same move over and over again”.


This blog was written by Bryce Webber, age13, of the Big Picture Program from Morisset High. This group embraced a Yoga session and talk with Me, Dane, a few weeks a go as part of the programs learning initiative to do something new. Was a wonderful experience for everyone involved and truly loved the feedback and receiving this article was truly heart warming.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    TOO GOOD!!

    Supercedes ‘My Year 12 Life’ as a reveal of those-far-younger-than-me.

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