Finding strength in the Women we Love.

Finding strength in challenging times can be frightening. For many of us these times cause a great deal of stress, despair and heartache. They can bring out the worst in us or the best in us, we can choose to shine or crumble and hide.

To me, and many parents I’ve spoken with, there is no greater challenge than becoming a Parent. No greater honour either.

For Cara and I it has been an absolute blessing. Our beautiful little Soul is utterly perfect.

Of course at times Soul screams and cries like someone is being murdered…only to say “please stand up and rock me another way” She is a baby after all.

We are tested by tiredness and sleepless nights like any new parents.

Our connection with one another is at times forgotten about. Our frustrations with life taken out on each other.

You know what….this is life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Soul has brought out a love in me I never knew existed, a love that is real and true, a love that will meet no bounds and a love I’ve never felt before.

Everyday my heart swells with appreciation and gratitude.  It simply blows my mind. So much so I’m often lost for words, speechless and struggle to express clearly how I feel.

What am I talking about???

Watching my love, Cara, become a Mum.

No greater joy has filled my heart then the moment Cara gave birth to our beautiful Soul Aubree Sullivan. Only to be followed by watching Cara become the passionate, loving, caring, kind and committed mother she was destined to be.

From the moment we found out Cara was pregnant we were filled with joy and happiness. Whilst it may have appeared it was a smooth sailing event, it certainly wasn’t. And well from all accounts and conversations I’ve had with others, it never is so can we stop pretending it is….sorry side note :).

We had our ups and downs, our laughs and cries…no matter what Cara was alway pushing through and bravely soldering on to become the best Mum possible.

Once born we knew Soul would change our lives forever. That Soul has, in many more ways than I could ever have imagined.

Not only has Soul shown me a love for a Daughter only a father can have, Soul has opened up my heart to a love for Cara like no other.

Each day I’m blown away by how in touch with Soul’s feelings, cries and mood Cara is. Each day I’m inspired by the new songs, stories and games Cara constantly plays with Soul. The list of fantastic motherly things can go on, each of them to me are so magical.

More so than all this is Cara’s commitment to Soul and Soul’s wellbeing. The Motherly Goddess that is set to protect, love and nurture our Wilde Hearted and Spirited Princess. With passion and love Cara’s heart felt dedication to our little Soul is always present, always putting what’s best for Soul first and forever standing up for the beautiful little spirit we have created.

To watch Cara in this way fills my heart beyond belief.

Whilst I could go on forever about all the love this has brought me, thought I’d share the top 5 things I love about Cara more now since becoming parents…

1 – Dedicated Devotion, an unwavering love and devotion for Soul has shone through. A magic within such beautiful Blue eyes, Souls, brings out this joy for life and love. Watching Cara’s face light up every time their eyes meet makes my heart sing.

2 – Power of the Feminine, yes that’s right the Feminine is powerful beyond belief. I find it funny how in our society we paint this picture that the Masculine is strong and powerful…in fact it is the Feminine energy within us that is all powerful. Its the Feminine that is able to endure birth, the feminine that embraces pregnancy with love. That is the most powerful thing to watch.

3 – Fight for what you Love, yes we fight and we fight for our love. You may all know me as this kind, calm and collected Yogi…we all still have our moments. As all parents out there will know it’s these moments that can really challenge us, it’s these moments that Cara has brought out the passionate lover within me willing to fight for my own heart.

4 – Intuition is our only truth, mothers in particular. We all have intuition, some of us know how to listen to it better then others and I can certainly vouch for that fact that a Mothers intuition is best. Our lives have us always guessing and thinking to much about how we really feel, sometimes we have to just listen to our gut and go with it.

5 – Love is all there is. We can fight, bicker and get upset at each other. We can choose to be angry, upset, sad or frustrated. At the end of the day though all we really need is to remember that we Love each other. All else will be what it will be. Love is all we really need.

Cara, I love you with all my heart and am so proud of the Mother you have become. Thank you for being here on this journey with me



2 thoughts on “Finding strength in the Women we Love.

  1. Fay says:

    Hi Dana I loved to hear your love and devotion to Cara and Soul.
    You asked for honest comments well Holding practises for 5 minutes was too long for me and it is the first time Muscles in my neck were very sore for a couple of days. On Wednesday we held for 3 minutes and at the end I said I am so pleased we didn’t hold for 5 minutes and some of the others heard me say it who were good at yoga said they wouldn’t like to do 5 minutes, 3 minutes was good. I am only learning so I was surprised that good yogies agreed.
    I am enjoying my classes as I have said my Nanna duties taking grand children to karate and basket ball causes me to come one week Wednesday and the next Thursday.
    Keep the good work up. Running any business has its headaches but also its joy.
    Warm regards

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