Old habit out – new habit in!

Old habits out – new habits in!

About a month ago I decided to give up cows milk in my morning and evening cup of tea. Apart from the fact that I feel better and have nowhere near as many stomach/digestive issues, I gave up for no other reason.

I am aware there are probably equally valid reasons to give up cows milk. However that’s one area of life I guess for now you could say I’m choosing to be ignorant (after all there are so many things to research when it comes to our health/welfare of animals & good old Aussie farmers, just to list a few).

I haven’t given up diary completely (yet).

I still love yogurt and cheese and cream. The idea was to start small. To remove a dairy product from my life that I consumed daily that I thought was fairly insignificant. Turns out it was more significant than I thought.

I’m roughly 1 month in and still think about it daily. When I’m satisfied from a delicious meal and it’s time to retire to the lounge room or grab a good book, I crave a milky tea like an alcoholic craves a night cap (no disrespect intended to any alcoholics. I am aware alcoholism is a serious addiction). When I’m sad/sooky or I’ve had an average day, I crave it like a baby craves a bot bot. I search for that milk drunk feeling that comes from a bloated belly full of warm milk (and yes sometimes being held by my Mother and rocked would probably make the day seem better also )

After class yesterday I got talking to one of our students. The conversation started by me saying that I knew if I gave myself just half an hour more in the mornings to go for a walk, practice some pranayama (breath work) and have some breakfast that my day would feel a lot more satisfying/ organised than leaving everything till the very last minute. She shared that she has similar thoughts around her days running smoother if she has green tea with lemon and honey as opposed to tea with cows milk which seems to send her day into chaos.

So this morning as I lay in bed after a nice long lay in contemplating what to do on my “day off” (which never ends up being a day off) I decided to lace up my joggers, take myself for a walk, practice my breath work and have some breakfast. Now that I can tick those of my list of things to do today it’s time to work on dropping the EGO that was behind the need to take this selfie whilst doing so .

Now thats a blog for another time. Peace out