Our yoga styles

YIN Yoga

Our YIN Yoga classes are designed to aid you in giving the connective tissues and joints some much needed attention. The connective tissues are those that connect the muscles to the bone and the bones to the bones, such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

In many physical activities, even yoga, we pay most attention to the muscles; putting them under stress, pressure and tension in order for our body to provide them with the proteins and nutrients to aid growth. Our connective tissues require the same attention to grow and strengthen.

Muscles and connective tissues are generally made up of the same chemical structure, just at a different ratio. The key difference is in the elasticity of the connective tissues, these ligaments, tendons and cartilage are more rigid and rebound slower than muscles. This is why in YIN Yoga we hold poses, or asanas, for longer periods of time.

By practising YIN Yoga we are able to provide the connective tissues with the stresses, tension and pressure to encourage a healthy vital function.


The POWER / FLOW Yoga classes we provide vary from teacher to teacher. These classes are predominately designed around the largely popular HOT POWER sequence with a combination of Hatha Flow incorporated.

Both POWER and FLOW Yoga are styles designed around activating the muscles and yang energies within the physical body. They aim to strengthen and lengthen the muscles to create strong muscles throughout full range of motion.

Yoga as a physical activity originated as a way for the ancient Yogis to maintain suitable physical condition to live a healthy vital life. They developed asanas, or poses, to activate muscles and give them the strength to survive and live a sustainable life. These asanas carefully considered the function of the physical body and have been designed to maintain efficient physical function.

In today’s world, we have continued to utilise these Yoga asanas to aid us in maintaining a sustainable healthy life. More asanas have been developed and they have been put into many different sequences and adapted to our modern lifestyles. Our teachers generally follow the Power Sequence, made popular by the likes of Baron Baptise, whilst adding their own little touches and tweaks.

Practicing Power / Flow yoga will provide you with strength, power and mobility to live an energetic, healthy life.


YIN / FLOW Yoga is simply a combination of Yin Yoga and Power/Flow Yoga. To do only Yin Yoga, or only Power/Flow Yoga, you would only get half the benefits of yoga. Therefore, we provide you with the opportunity to get all the benefits in one class.

These classes are designed to allow you the space and time to lengthen and activate the muscles along with releasing the connective tissues. Providing a balance between the Yin and Yang (flow) energies helps balance our physical, mental and emotional being.

Embracing YIN / FLOW Yoga class will provide you with a balance of strength within the muscles and mobility within the joints for healthy living.


Gentle / Flow is a blissful Yin / Flow variation where we slow it all down and move gently through the asanas and maybe add a few extra Yin asana’s along the way.

Classes will incorporate a nice steady flow with a focus on simply moving freely through the body with less focus on alignment and more focus on free flowing movement to breath.

Movements will focus on joint mobility, exploring the range of motion available and expanding your awareness of ability to move.