Our yogis



After many years of active sports and pushing his limits, Dane’s body wasn’t handling life as well as it used to. With some encouragement from a close friend he took on the challenge of yoga.

Dane’s first practice was at one of Newcastle’s leading yoga studios where he did one of the classic 90-minute Hot Power classes. Admitting this class was one of the most physically and mentally challenging forms of exercise he had experienced, he was hooked.

As his practice developed, Dane found himself able to handle challenging situations with greater ease and a clearer mind. The one challenge that still persisted was time to practise. Dane travelled from Lake Macquarie to Newcastle multiple times a week to hit the mat and ease the mind.

It was on one of these early morning travels to Newcastle that the idea was sprung “Open a studio in Lake Macquarie”. From this, his mission was set: become a teacher and share the transformational experience with more people.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon, if you have any questions do get in touch.



Cara is a beauty/massage therapist as well as a yoga instructor. Cara is an advocate for healing through nutrition, movement and breath. Cara has strong opinions about facing fears, growth and transforming ones self through being raw, honest and completely vulnerable. Cara did her yoga teacher training in India studying traditional tantric yoga. Cara’s teaching style is soft and feminine allowing her students to truly connect with there feminine energy and softer self.