New to Yoga? Here are a few ideas to prepare you

New to yoga?

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced Yogi, here are a few tips to get you started or to remind you of how to get the most out of your yoga practices.

Things to bring…

Often when starting something new, we have no real idea of what to expect and what we need to take, so here are a few things to get you started.

  • Yoga mat, if you have one. We have plenty at our studio and most studios do, however, it is nice to have your own to sweat on.
  • Towel, yoga towel or just a beach/bath towel will be fine. Handy for mopping up the sweat or for providing a little extra padding.
  • Water, whether it’s a heated class or a cooler yin class, it’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Comfy clothes, yes yoga tights are in fashion and great for a yoga practice. It’s more important that you feel comfortable than look fashionable. Only rule here is make sure you are free to move about in whatever you wear. In yoga we move about, stretching the limbs in every which way, so make sure you’re free to do so.

What to expect…

Everyone’s experience of yoga is unique and yours will be too. It is hard to say exactly what you will experience in a yoga practice, but here are a few things that may occur.

  • Sweat: if attending a heated class, or even a class with Flow in the title, there is a good chance you will heat up and sweat a little, or a lot. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and sweating helps to rid it of toxins, so embrace it.
  • Heavy breathing: yes, you may hear the person next to you breathing. Many forms of yoga focus on connecting breath to movement to aid yogis in gaining the full benefits. Often this breath is encouraged to be audible, so embrace it, it can be quite soothing.
  • Thoughts: yoga is intended to be a mindful practice and provide you with space from your thoughts. This may not come easily and you may be having a tough day where your brain is racing at 3000 miles per hour. Don’t panic, use the breath to let go of the thoughts and focus on the movements and sensations within the physical body.
  • Quietness: once you have let go of the thoughts about the day that’s past or the day ahead, you may experience inner peace and quiet. This peacefulness has great benefits for productivity and focus. By letting go of the day to day, you allow space for the most important things that come up. So give yourself the gift and take some time to relax and be still.
  • There are many more benefits and experiences to gain from yoga. The most rewarding is a greater connection with yourself. So don’t be shy, come along and take some time for you.


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